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 Consular Section of Estonian Consulate General in Shanghai will be closed in April and May 2014.





European Union Online Film Festival 02.04-02.07 on


The second edition of the European Union Online Film Festival (EUOFF) in China will be shown on the video platform for three months, from April to July. The EUOFF will showcase 15 feature films and a selection of short films from various EU member states.

This year's fresh film line-up, to be screened online, includes: A Real Life (Au Voleur) and Coline, Friends of my Friends' from France, Corridor (Isolerad) and Rosenberg (short film) from Sweden, Life's No Piece Of Cake from Germany, Off The Beaten Track from Romania, The Magic of Hope from Spain, Trapped from Ireland, The Tragedy of Man from Hungary, Tobruk from Czech and Slovakia, The Guide from Greece, Fire Heart: The Legend of Tadas Blinda from Lithuania, Oltre il Guado (Across The River) and W Zappatore from Italy, Love Eternal from Ireland / Luxembourg / Netherlands, City Unplugged from Estonia / Finland, and the series of short films EU-China Dream Seekers from the Delegation of the European Union to China.

More info available at:

The films will be available online from 2 April through 2 July at the following web address: http: //

The 4th annual conference of the Freedom Online Coalition


On April 28-29, 2014 the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) shall meet in Tallinn, Estonia for a high level conference. The 4th annual conference of the Freedom Online Coalition shall continue open and inclusive discussions in a multi-stakeholder arena. The conference will firstly focus on the continued promotion of fundamental freedoms online.  The epoch of Big Data provides the second key topic, asking about the role of business in advancing an open and free Internet. Keeping the Internet a unified and de-centralised forum and  tool for global free expression shall be the third focal point. Development will continue to be an important element of all discussions.

For more information, visit the FOC homepage at

On the topic, we suggest you also read the speech given by Estonia's President Ilves at the recent Munich Security Conference 2014, on the topic "Rebooting Trust? Freedom vs Security in Cyberspace."

Alongside the Freedom Online Coalition (FOC) Conference on April 28-292, 2014, an information and communication technology week entitled “Estonian ICT Week” will be taking place in Tallinn on  April 23-30, 2014.
Estonian ICT Week will bring together entrepreneurs, investors, IT professionals, government leaders and policy makers from all over the world. It will be the single most eventful week in the centre of the  bustling Nordic-Baltic information and communications technology powerhouse, illuminating innovativel ideas and connecting the brightest minds.

For more information, visit our homepage at


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